Meet Incoming WH Deputy Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon…”Republicans Are a Bunch of F—ers”


    Nobody ever promised or even claimed the Biden transition would be easy. Just the opposite actually. Republicans presently working at the White House, even those serving in the tiniest of capacities, have vowed to be as polite as their individual demeanors will allow. However, they will not and cannot be forced to lift one single finger. And they aren’t. Well…except for one now and then.

    After the slanderous four-years many of them have miraculously managed to survive, they have no plans of changing course and start consorting with the enemy. They’re still washing off the mud they’ve been dragged through.

    President-elect Joe Biden is fond of telling us that now is the perfect “time to turn the page, to unite, to heal.” Rah-rah-rah, wave your flags. But he appears to be on a different wavelength when it comes to his invading staff. Those political misfits are more akin to Roosevelts “Rough-Riders” overtaking a hill.

    As a really fine example, when incoming White House deputy chief of staff Jen O’Malley Dillon agreed to an interview with Glamour magazine, the publication had no idea what they were in for, and their heads are still reeling.

    Dillon took immense pleasure in expounding on the details of her illustrious career accomplishments while at the same time doting on the numerous mother of the year awards she should have won.

    She also said, in her own not so subtle way, what it’s going to take for the incoming staff to get themselves fully situated so they can start constructing destructive kinds of new bills and stuff.

    Dillon knows that with or without the current administration’s assistance Biden and crew will eventually get established, but she felt compelled to toss in, those “f—ers” in the GOP notwithstanding.

    “Like Joe Biden says all the time, ‘Great leadership starts with listening,’” Dillon, who idolizes Biden said. “It’s challenging for us to do that right now, because of how polarized we are. But politics breaks down to one-on-one conversations and not being afraid to talk. I get that you’re not supposed to talk politics at the holiday dinner. Well, f— that. It’s because we don’t do that that we are in this situation now.”

    Dillon went on to express how just as in love, compromise is a good thing. “The atmosphere in the world now is like, ‘Oh, if you compromise, you don’t believe in something.’ No, it’s: I believe in it so much that I’m going to work to find a path we can both go down together. That feels to me like the heart of relationships and love and success across the board.”

    Dillon feels Joe Biden can bring some much-needed unity to the government. In no time flat, he’ll be sharing cigars and cognac with every conservative in the house.

    Then she spewed out this foul stench. “I’m not saying they’re not a bunch of f—ers. Mitch McConnell is terrible. But this sense that you couldn’t wish for that, you couldn’t wish for this bipartisan ideal? He rejected that. From start to finish, he set out with this idea that unity was possible, that together we are stronger, that we, as a country, need healing, and our politics needs that too.”

    In other words, McConnell is a terrible human for continually rejecting senseless pieces of ill-thought-out Democratic legislature that would have done more harm than good. Got it. Gotta hate a person like that.

    What Dillon fails to realize is that if Republicans manage to maintain control of the Senate, especially now, they still are not going to lift a finger to help her. F—ers… Terrible… Would you?


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