Migrant Children Detention Camps Have Grown So Horrid Under Biden That He Barred the Media…but Some Pics Got Out


    Liberals have been under the false impression that Joe Biden has made the crises at America’s southern border a top priority, when in fact, the scene is rapidly deteriorating. As herds of immigrants keep heading north from Central America, many of them are unaccompanied children whose parents either could not or didn’t want to make the long trek. What the heck. One less mouth to feed. Go get ’em, kiddo.

    Biden’s out of sight out of mind plan isn’t cutting the guacamole. He knew this was a huge issue going in, and under his lack of leadership, conditions have exceeded the crisis level. Currently, over 15,000 unaccompanied minors are sleeping on floors under thin foil blankets, eating small portions of what sort of resembles food, and if they’re lucky, getting to shower once a week.

    President Joe Biden’s administration has tried desperately to hide images of the truth, but photos of the place are starting to leak out, and what’s been seen far isn’t pretty. The minors are crammed shoulder to shoulder in their appropriate cages with certain groups separated by sheets of thin plastic hung from the ceiling, while their ruling guards loom over them like a dark sinister presence.

    The Biden team has prevented nonprofit lawyers who keep their eyes peeled for oversight violations from getting too close. Border Patrol agents recently barred them from entering a tent housing thousands of minors, and despite ongoing requests from the media, access to detention facilities has not been granted. Former President Donald Trump allowed full access on more than one occasion in his efforts at transparency.

    Biden vowed to kill Trump’s hardline approach to immigration, but while he’s still trying to figure out where or how to begin the situation has gotten way out of hand, and he thinks he’s being slick by not letting anyone know. Even his fellow Democrats are getting on the old man’s case concerning his secrecy. Unless they have a need to know they’re being blindsided.

    With all of the hot air he could blow, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said, “the administration has a commitment to transparency to make sure that the news media gets the chance to report on every aspect of what’s happening at the border.” Uh…They were barred.

    When confronted about the growing crisis, White House press secretary Jen Psaki gave her programmed answer by saying an update would be issued in the “coming days.” Isn’t every day coming unless you die first? She explained how homeland security and the Health and Human Services Department had teamed up to “finalize details.” How long does it take to walk in snap some pics? They’ve had over three months.

    Rep. Henry Cuellar from the border town of Loredo, a born and bred Texas Democrat, had enough of Biden’s nonsense and headed to the town of Donna to see what was going on inside of those tents. Not only did he bully his way inside, but he also released the pics he took to “Axios.”

    After viewing the unacceptable conditions in which these migrant children are being held, Cuellar said, “We ought to take care of those kids like they’re our own kids.” His visit was out of both curiosity and retaliation for the media being blocked access to the facility.

    Cuellar’s had two reasons for releasing the pics. He not only wanted to make public the conditions the children are forced to endure, but he also wanted to reveal the plight of the Border Agents. Being so overwhelmed creates its own set of challenges. Despite the three-day limit for detaining a minor, many of them have been there for weeks and they continue to pile up.

    President of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Thomas Saenz, agrees that the media should be granted full access to all facilities but also warned of respecting the privacy of the detainees. He further warned about releasing photos of minors who have already been through way more than enough.

    “We ought to be aware of these conditions. People have to see them so that they can assess the inhumanity and hopefully embark on more humane policies,” he said.

    Joe Biden talked a big game. He was going to nip this madness in the bud. But now that Biden has released what an incredibly difficult task this entails, the only thing he’s working on is pulling his fungus-covered foot out of his mouth. Not to worry though, his solution of hiding the issue and hoping it will fix itself is bound to work. Don’t you think?


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