Mike Pence Exposes Biden’s Lies


    Mike Pence has decided that now is a good time to make a political play. For an entire year after leaving the White House, we didn’t hear a word from the former VP. Now, as the January 6 investigation is under way and it’s obvious that there’s a red wave coming for the Democrats in the midterms, Pence has decided to come out of hiding.

    He’s obviously making a play for 2024, though he hasn’t made an official announcement yet.

    There are two things that he’s doing, though.

    First, he’s doing everything he can to distance himself from Donald Trump.

    Second, he’s showing the country that Biden is nothing but a liar.

    The latter is particularly interesting because he’s decided to go big.

    In a recent interview with Fox host Larry Kudlow, Pence decided to announce that no president in his lifetime has ever lied as often as Joe Biden.

    Kudlow was talking about the “falsehoods” that are showing up within the Biden administration.

    Pence commented that he can’t remember a time when “a president was more disconnected from the American people than we see today.”

    Pence isn’t the only one to be saying such things, either. Biden simply cannot connect with the American people. And it’s why his approval rating is in the crapper, too.

    We can certainly identify many of the lies that Biden has told.

    Unity. Economy. Gas prices. Immigration. The list goes on and on. Biden has made promises and broken them. He’s out and out lied about what he was going to do to “help” the country, only to go and do something completely different.

    And we’ve heard the lies that he tells to try to connect with the average American people, too. He was a truck driver? Yeah, right. He was arrested? Ummm, there’s no proof of that ever happening.

    Between the lies and the forgetfulness and the mentally unstable blunders, it’s easy to say that President Biden is most certainly never going to go down in history as being one of the best presidents our country has ever seen.

    There’s just one problem with Pence’s approach. He’s taking the Democratic way of campaigning – pointing at what the other guy does wrong instead of talking about what he’s going to do right.

    And that’s only giving the left more fuel.

    CNN’s Chris Cillizza decided that he was going to dedicate an entire segment to proving Pence wrong. He wanted to show that Trump, too, was a liar.

    Cillizza decides to show some “facts,” including what the Washington Post fact checker has to share. There were supposedly 30,573 instances of false or misleading statements made by former President Donald Trump in his four years of office.

    This is funny only because half of what Donald Trump said was such raw truth that the Democrats couldn’t handle it. And much of what Trump said ended up being the truth once the CDC was ready to provide more facts about COVID. No one on the left wants to address that, though.

    Cillizza also wants to accuse Trump of lying and continuing to lie about the 2020 presidential election. Of course, we’re not supposed to remember Hillary Clinton and every Democrat who, over the course of all four years of Trump’s presidency questioned the legitimacy and the whole “He’s not my president” line.

    Daniel Dale of CNN even went as far as saying “the total number of Biden false claims so far is in the dozens, while Trump delivered well over 1,000 total false claims in his own first year…”

    This could get into a nasty “he said, he said” contest, and Pence walked right into it.

    If Mike Pence wants to even consider a successful presidential run in 2024, he has to change his tactic…and fast.


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