New Political Group Forms to Combat Anti-LBGTQ Candidates



    As Joe Biden and the political left have continued their insistence that sex and gender don’t matter, they have unsurprising come against a bit of opposition. After all, parents tend to get a little concerned when you tell biological males, who claim they are or want to be girls, that going into their daughter’s bathroom is OK. Or that sharing school locker rooms with the biologically opposite sex is appropriate.

    And, just as naturally, those progressives don’t exactly like being told no, that they can’t have their way or are not entitled to do whatever they please.

    So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the left has created a new political group aimed solely at combating those who might stand in their way.

    Enter the Agenda PAC.

    It was established by several elected LBGTQ and veteran Democratic officials to preserve the rights of the LBGTQ community. However, unlike groups like Victory Fund, the goal is not so much to make sure that new LBGTQ candidates or those that support the community get elected. Instead, it’s to make sure that those opposing it do not.

    According to the group’s chair, Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania’s first openly gay state representative of color, the aim is to go “after the beatable bigots.” As he recently said in an interview, “Sometimes those beatable bigots are running against incredible LBGTQ candidates. And sometimes they’re running against folks who are allies to our community.”

    In either case, the idea is to ensure that those who seem to be against the community or those who may oppose things like different genders sharing bathrooms don’t get elected. To do that, the group will work hard to campaign against these individuals and aggressively advertise to their detriment.

    The group is starting in Kenyatta’s home state of Pennsylvania by beginning a blatant attack against the state’s Republican nominee for governor, Doug Mastriano. Mastriano is known for what NBC calls “ultra-conservative views on social and cultural issues.”

    For example, the outlet noted that in part of his victory speech after winning the primary, he vowed to make it so that “you can only use the bathroom that your biology and anatomy says.”

    Additionally, Mastriano has targeted laws that would allow our youth and children to begin attending “conversion therapy” should they not be happy with themselves at present. On a radio interview on Pennsylvania’s News Talk 103.7, the GOP nominee said, “This is disgusting to me, where bureaucrats and Tom Wolf (the outgoing Democratic governor) and Josh Shapiro (Mastriano’s Democratic opposition for the governor’s mansion) thin it’s OK to come in and threaten parents and therapists because their kids might be confused.”

    In the group’s mind, statements like these make Mastriano “one of, if not the worst, statewide candidate when it comes to LBGTQ-plus issues,” says the Agenda PAC’s founder and executive director, Ted Bordelon. And it’s precisely why Bordelon and his group have decided to start “in our backyard and then branch out.” The group is based in Philadelphia.

    For now, Bordelon says the group has an initial six-figure budget to begin campaigning against Mastriano and any others who may share his opinions. Naturally, the goal is to start fundraising efforts in earnest and soon have millions to work with.

    After hopefully taking out Mastriano, the plan is to use these funds to go after a number of GOP US House of Representative races, according to the group. They could choose to even go after more secure seats, such as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’, who recently wrote an opinion suggesting that the same review of and reversal that took place for abortion should be given to legalized same-sex marriage.

    It’s important to note here that, as you might imagine, several others on the group’s board and who will serve as advisers are Democratic lawmakers who are openly LBGTQ. No doubt, the group will be used to ensure that they and others like them get to keep their seats of power.
    Such individuals include state senator Megan Hunt of Nebraska, state senator Shervin Jones from Florida, and Representative Joshua Boschee of North Dakota. In addition, prominent Democratic pollster Celinda Lake and longtime Democratic consultant Joe Trippi will also advise the group.


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