New York in Panic! Tone-Deaf Cuomo Threatens New Yorkers That His Days Are “Nowhere Near Over”


    While this makes many of our readers let out a heavy sigh, it is actually good news for the incoming administration. They may not realize it at the moment but they are right about that. Apparently, Cuomo was in the running for the Attorney General role in the Biden administration. We should not have to explain what a bad idea that would have been, even when accounting for Sleepy Joe’s love for retreads.

    Cuomo is not going to be worth all of the trouble that he causes. This could end up being one of those ‘blessings in disguise’ type of deals for the new president. Now that Cuomo’s former aide has come out and accused him of sexual harassment, we are not sure where he can go from here. It’s probably not the time to be adding him to anyone’s cabinet.

    The nursing home disaster that he presided over during the pandemic also bears mentioning. This is not someone who can be trusted to see America through the crisis. He cannot even handle the concerns of the most vulnerable members of his own state’s population. Did that stop him from writing a book about how well he’s handled the coronavirus pandemic? Of course not.

    We can’t possibly oversell how big of a disaster this was. Politico has reported on the matter and even they are appalled. Department of Justice career officials decided to send out the warning flares about Cuomo’s level of integrity. We did not realize that such warnings were necessary but there are some out there who are hard-headed about Cuomo and who he truly is.

    The Politico report is filled with gems and we are going to provide you with the best bits. This will keep you from having to wade through a bunch of information that was already readily available to anyone who doesn’t go for a liberal media spin. “A number of corruption-focused, good government types — including some from within the Justice Department — are raising red flags amid reporting that New York Gov. ANDREW CUOMO is under consideration for attorney general,” the takedown begins.

    From there, a federal prosecutor whose main area of focus is anti-corruption takes direct aim at Cuomo.  “Cuomo may have various merits, but he is just too tainted with allegations of corruption to credibly serve as the attorney general. Some of his close associates have been convicted of federal corruption crimes, and Cuomo himself was under investigation for his suspicious closure of the Moreland Commission,” said the prosecutor.

    They were not done there, either. “The DOJ needs leadership whose integrity is 100% beyond reproach. Cuomo falls short and his appointment would devastate the rank and file,” the prosecutor concluded. A quick Google search of “Buffalo Billion” would show just how deep his corruption runs. Long story short: he was involved in all sorts of shady dealings and his right-hand man Joe Percoco was convicted.

    Somehow, Cuomo spun this to be a good thing. His right-hand man is locked up and it turns into a celebration of his awesome leadership. This is one man who will turn any situation into Cuomo praise and worship. Former US Attorney Preet Bharara is not exactly known for being a staunch conservative but he was not impressed with the rhetoric that was being spewed.

    “I appreciate Andrew Cuomo’s need to spin,” Bharara says. “But I don’t think he has anything to be proud of in the Buffalo Billion scandals or, frankly, in his record on corruption generally.” We would be willing to bet that he was one of the sources who was blabbing up a storm for the Politico piece.

    This may be a good development for the rest of the nation but the state of New York is going to suffer in the meantime. “My job as New York governor is nowhere near over,” said Cuomo. “I’m flattered to be considered, but that hasn’t changed my thinking.” Whew! (Sorry, New York.)


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