NYC Parents Complain When Racism Is Said to Not be About Skin Color


    Progressives who are continuously in support of the Black Lives Matter group will tell you that racism is all about skin color. It’s about white privilege that all white people have – and how classroom curriculums need to change so that white people learn to apologize and understand more about their white privilege.

    One private school in New York City took things too far. And it’s the Jewish parents that are standing up to remind them that their children are the descendants of Holocaust survivors.

    An eight-page anti-racism manifesto was released at a school that was signed by dozens of teachers and faculty members – and the list of demands was ridiculously long.

    The school in question is The Dalton School. It’s located on the Upper East Side and has a yearly tuition of over $50,000. They’re sitting with eight pages of proposals on their lap that will not only overhaul the curriculum but also staffing as it will impact black students.

    There have been complaints at the school stemming from racism, and much of this has happened following the George Floyd incidents and the protests that followed.

    It’s not all about the blacks, though. It cannot be all about skin color, some parents complain.

    One Jewish parent told The New York Post, “My ancestors experienced white supremacy by being slaughtered.” They went on to call the entire idea “ridiculous” that you are automatically privileged if your skin color is white.

    Other parents are pulling their kids out of the school entirely because of the manifesto, calling it a step backward.

    The idea of an anti-racist agenda is supposed to be to treat everyone the same regardless of the color of their skin. However, the agenda at The Dalton is essentially asking everyone to treat the black kids differently because of skin color. One father, who wishes to remain anonymous, blames the school for being “more focused on virtue-signaling this nonsense” than actually choosing to help students of color.

    The list of demands is completely outrageous. It’s clear that the demands are supposed to penalize those who are white while giving a free pass to those who are black. It’s clear that at a tuition of $50,000 a year, the students of all colors in attendance at this school are not experiencing any kind of oppression.

    One demand is to hire diversity offers and psychologists (multiple of each) so that students get help dealing with “race-based traumatic stress.” They also want a staffer who is dedicated to black students that may have “complaints” – and that just sounds like a gateway to helping the black students tattle on their fellow classmates.

    The list only gets more ridiculous – any black staffers hired should have their student debt paid off. Courses need to be added that are “required” include topics of black liberation and challenging white supremacy. Students of color who appear in Dalton promotional material should be compensated – but apparently not white students?

    The Dalton is supposed to be a prestigious school, but they also want to abolish high-level academic courses by 2023 if black students aren’t performing well in them in comparison to white students. So, forget about giving anyone a proper education – they’ll just cater to the lowest denominator.

    Dalton officials already realize they’re in hot water and at risk of losing a significant amount of their students. The document is a list of “thought-starters” that was created by faculty and staff in an effort to become an “anti-racist institution.” They’ve also added that they’re not in support of all actions or language contained in the list.

    It’s one thing to be committed to diversity and equity and it’s another to bend over backward to accommodate one group but not the other. Jewish communities, in particular, should be outraged as The Holocaust is proof that the color of one’s skin does not automatically make them supreme over any other skin color.


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