Obama Tries to Relive the Past But Who Cares?


    Barack Obama is a perfect example of a man that can twist any story. He can manipulate facts and statistics to make himself look like a hero. He can spin a story in favor of any person. He is just like the serpent that twisted the truth just enough to cause Eve to slip into sin.

    Obama has been on the road telling the media that they have been doing a fair job reporting and doing their job. Instead of telling the truth regarding their censored reporting, he took the time to rant about the conservatives and their reporting being off. A liar attacks the people that tell the truth because he does not like to face his crimes against humanity.

    Obama stated that conservative radio keeps people from thinking for themselves. He ignores the truth that his liberal media does that themselves. They tell people what to believe, and they even invent facts that are not supported by hard evidence.

    He stated that these conservative stations get people to “go along with conspiracy theorizing, false assertions, fantasies that Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh and others in that echo chamber have concocted.” Obama just cannot stomach the truth that is being told to millions of people regarding his part in the corruption that hurt America’s election results.

    He stated and downplayed the importance of telling a complete picture when he stated that “issues, facts, policies per se don’t matter as much as identity and wanting to beat the other guy … The current media environment adds to that greatly. This democracy doesn’t work if we don’t have an informed citizenry.”

    He is mad that the citizenry is being informed of the truth by men and women that are willing to stand up against his lies. He believes that conservatives are the most massive threat to freedom. So he would rather censor them like a communist than let the people decide for themselves what the truth is regarding any story.

    He whined like a mule when he stated that the Republicans got the media to criticize him. He stated that the reports were designed to “politically advantageous to demonize me and the Democratic Party.” He thought that the Republicans could not “take anything less than a hard line; they had to tolerate conspiracy theorizing that they knew wasn’t true — obviously, that’s pertinent today.”

    Obama fails to recognize just how truthful those reports and stories were. He has selectively chosen to forget key points of truth about his reign of terror that he feels compelled to criminalize people that reported accurately what he was doing in office those sad eight years. He just cannot get around the fact that the progressives today are copying his behavior.

    He fails to see that his liberal buddies have been devising conspiracy theory stories about President Trump his entire term. But he would never admit that point. He would instead state that those accusations were true even though they have been proven false.

    There is not one accusation that was lobbied against the president that was found to be true. That angers Obama so much that he is willing to go on the record and boldly lie about past events.

    He knows that he can expect the people not to remember the truth about his reign of terror. The sad part is that he thinks the people are ignorant enough to believe his lies. That may be true of his Democratic supporters. But it is not true of Republicans.

    They have all the facts and data to prove what they report to be the truth. The liberal media has to invent facts, and they try and back them up with fake sources that they deem classified. They are only classified because they do not exist.

    If Obama were candid with himself and the people, he would have torn into the liberal media. He would have exposed their communist censorship and oppressive nature. But instead, he praised them for being the dogs that they are. He praised them and told them that they are fair. But the only ignorant ones in this story are not the people. The ignorant ones are the ones that believe he is telling the truth.


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