Ohio Hospitals to Force Vaccination Before Life Saving Transplants


    Need a new liver? Got one you’re willing to give a chunk of? Well unless you have the COVID vaccine, neither the Cleveland Clinic nor University Hospitals want to see you. Their new mandates for the vaccine are absolutely ridiculous. The Cleveland Clinic put out the following in a statement.

    “Vaccination is particularly important in these patients for their safety. For the living donor, preventing COVID-19 infection around the time of a surgical operation is crucial. For the transplant candidate, in addition to a major operation, medications are taken after an organ transplant weaken a person’s immune response. Serious complications of COVID-19 are most likely to develop in those individuals who have weakened immune systems, as their body has a reduced ability to fight and recover from infections. The FDA-authorized vaccines have been determined to be safe and effective and are the best way to prevent severe illness and death from COVID-19.”

    Despite this warning, anyone on the list for transplant has until November 1st to get the vaccine. University Hospitals’ statement was much of the same fear-mongering. These hospitals and doctors are highly praised for their life-saving efforts, and for having a caring mindset.

    Yet now they want the potential to make their immune system even weaker before these lifesaving procedures. Nowhere do they mention cosmetic surgery or anything else, so the liberal past time of ‘if you don’t like something, get a surgeon to fix it’ is left wide open, but the life-saving procedures are under fire. Doesn’t sound like the oath of ‘Do no harm’ does it?

    These consistent overreaches are nothing new, especially in healthcare. As time has gone on, the Government has found a way to force healthcare to make more and more of our decisions for us. In this case, it’s not like it’s an alcoholic looking for a liver to keep him drinking and live. These are people asking for help where their own bodies have decided to smite them. Curiously left out of the topic is about people who are organ donors in the afterlife.

    Will these people find their organs labeled as useless because they didn’t get the vaccine? Can you imagine the waste and lives lost because someone didn’t get the jab? To block someone out from lifesaving surgery because of this vaccine is nothing less than murderous. This is an area where people are allowed to have their own opinion and mandating these vaccinations before receiving lifesaving treatment is a scary slope for America to be on.

    It’s not something the American people ever thought we would see here. While Government control is nothing new, these efforts from the hospitals to side with that control are groundbreaking. Historically hospitals have taken the guidelines from the Government on how and when to do surgery, but now they are kissing the Fauci ring and obeying blindly.

    This in turn also means the days of explorative surgery and learning more about the human body with balanced risk vs reward are now in danger. We cannot innovate without autonomy, and guidelines like these look to kill that off in a hurry.

    Is this what we really want for our country? Do we really want all lifesaving measures to be left up to a decision about getting this shot? Is this the best use of American doctors? Or should we wake up, realize that this fear-mongering has gone on long enough, and finally reclaim the freedom of choice our forefathers fought for?


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