Peaceful Demonstrations Make Great Changes But Media is Ticked Because It Doesn’t Make Good Headlines


    The Democratic attempts to assume control over the lives of people are hidden behind the China virus. County boards all over the country have met to discuss what they should do in order to help protect people. Idaho has a Central District Health Board that oversees four different counties, and they were meeting to discuss a mask mandate.

    The panic that liberals are creating within people includes the risk of losing civil rights and liberties. The wacky left is using the China virus to steal personal freedoms from people. And now it seems that normally compliant people are speaking out and holding rallies to protest the loss of freedoms.

    The county board was trying to limit gatherings to less than ten people and make people wear a mask in public and in private homes – a deliberate crossing into private homes seeking control. These rules that they are proposing are unconstitutional and near impossible to enforce without further invasion of privacy.

    The liberals want to control people by forcing churches to close and to keep meetings from happening. If no meetings can take place, then there is no way opposition can be formulated. Yet, there is no justification that mask-wearing has ever been sufficient enough to limit or stop the virus.

    As the meeting got underway, one commissioner had to leave and check on her son because peaceful protestors had surrounded her home. She stated that “My 12-year-old son is home by himself right now, and there are protesters banging outside the door. I’m going to go home and make sure he’s okay.”

    If this group had been a Black Lives Matter protest, that boy could have been harmed or even killed. But the banging of trash cans, lids, and lights are a far cry from trying to murder someone just because they disagree with them.

    The county officials had to limit their meeting and then shut it down because of the drama and protests. They maintained that these all are actions, but peaceful protestors were uncalled for and that they had gone too far.

    But the actions of the commissioners had gone too far. They were proposing invading personal homes and forcing people to wear masks while at home. That is going too far. The wacky liberals asked for this kind of response.

    What is ironic about the entire deal is that the liberals cry foul when conservatives protest peacefully. And they cry foul when the cops show up to put an end to their violence and looting. The demon-possessed liberals are hypocritical and arrogant to think that they can get away with abusing people and not have to pay the price for their sins.

    The only person seemingly endangered in this whole ordeal was the twelve-year-old child who was home alone, not that he was in any real danger. But I could see how loud noises and shouting people could frighten him, no doubt he’s heard about similar situations that went awry.

    Protesting peacefully is an American right and cannot be stopped. If the commissioners were put out for their attempt to control people, they should have met at the local police station or town hall to discuss these matters that were going to anger many people.

    The liberals drew a line in the sand when they moved into the suburbs and started attacking homes and people living there. They were the first to draw blood as they attacked homes of conservative politicians. There is no room for remorse as these protestors did their civic duty and put a stop to the insane laws that were about to be poured on the people illegally.

    Non-violent protests are legal, but any protest that destroys personal property and harms people is illegal. This protest, for all practical purposes, was legal and should be encouraged. This is an announcement to all liberals that the nation is fed up with their attempts to seize the country’s control.

    People are not going to stand by and let them take over without a fight.


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