Piping Support to Russia While Killing American Independence


    Brainless Joe Biden is in trouble again as he takes steps of favoritism with America’s enemies. The first thing that Biden did when getting into office was spouting off how much he hated oil pipelines and the man that allowed the XL Pipeline to resume construction. He killed the deal and put thousands of people out of a job with no promise to help them find new ones. And now here he comes again, showing support for Russia in their attempt to build an oil pipeline.

    The hatred that Biden has for America has never been seen before in an American president. He is willing to waive sanctions imposed on the construction company of a pipeline set to turn the tables on natural resource production. Biden is paving the way for the Russians to dominate the market and squash all the small oil producers.

    A report that was released stated that “The State Department will also acknowledge that the corporate entity in charge of the project (Nord Stream 2 AG) and its CEO (Putin crony and former East German intelligence officer Matthias Warnig) are engaged in sanctionable activities. However, the State Department will waive the applications of those sanctions, citing U.S. national interests.”

    The president is happy to kill off American oil production and allowing an extended-time enemy to produce all the oil they want. Biden knows full well that Russia will only use the income against the United States in the future. But he does not care because he is a friend to America’s enemies.

    Biden’s lying actions come into play with the decision when he tells people that the United States will start sanctioning ships in the area. But that will do nothing to stop the construction of the hotly contested pipeline—the sanctions needed to be placed on those going to get the gas and the ones transporting it.

    The main issue with Russia’s pipeline is that they will be able to use it against Europe. They will leverage it against the countries, so they give the Asia giant everything that they want. Biden is throwing all of his support behind America’s enemies and failing to support American interests.

    The hypocrisy is not going unnoticed by American leaders. Ted Cruz has come out and blasted the old man and stated, “Stunning. In defiance of U.S. law, Biden is actively helping Putin build his pipeline. Objectively speaking, the Biden administration is shaping up to be the most pro-Russia administration of the modern era.” It is another way that Biden is circumventing the laws for his purposes.

    America suffered through a cowardly attack on one of its pipelines, and Biden could have cared less. All he did was allude that it was not his problem since the company was privately owned. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee stated, “Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline, but is waiving sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II. This coming less than a week after the Colonial Pipeline was hacked. Why does Biden believe American pipelines are bad but Russian pipelines are good?”

    America has a president that is committed to empowering American enemies. He wants to give Russia a decisive advantage over the west. He wants to give the Chinese all of America’s technology and money. And what he gets out of it is a selfish pleasure.

    Marco Rubio showed the lies that Biden was living when he exposed him by saying, “If true, President Biden just delivered a huge victory to Vladimir Putin, who will now have a stranglehold over Europe’s natural gas supplies. Then-candidate Biden promised to be tough on Russia, but it is increasingly clear that was just campaign rhetoric. There is absolutely no excuse for giving Putin more leverage over our allies and partners, including Ukraine. It is dangerous, naïve, deceitful, and weak.”

    The list of exposure continues to grow against Biden. One politician after another is voicing their concern as Biden strips away America’s greatness and hands it overseas. The president is a pawn in a game of chess that is slanted to give eastern leaders a long sought-after advantage over the United States.


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