Press Secretary Stutters After Fox News Reporters Questions on Immigration


    Fox News reporter Peter Doocy strikes again. He always seems to ask hard questions. It’s like a thrilling game of “stump the press secretary.” And with Karine Jean-Pierre in the hot seat as the press secretary for the White House, it’s always entertaining.

    The question of the day ended up centering around illegal immigration – but more specifically, why some people need to enter the U.S. with COVID vaccinations and others can enter the U.S. without, such as virtually every illegal immigrant walking through at the U.S. border.

    There have been countless stories about people being denied entry into the U.S. if they haven’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus. And one particular story that garnered attention was when Novak Djokovic, a world-renowned tennis player, was denied entry.

    The vaccines have been continuously proven to be ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus. Yet, the vaccine mandate to enter the United States remains in place.

    With all this going on, Doocy couldn’t help himself. He wanted to know why the administration would bar Djokovic but allow illegal immigrants to enter the country.

    She was silent for a moment and seemed flustered. It was obvious that she was trying to collect herself in order to form a reasonable explanation.

    Doocy said “Somebody unvaccinated comes over on a plane, you say that’s not okay. Somebody walks into Texas or Arizona unvaccinated, they’re allowed to stay?”

    Jean-Pierre shook her head and said, “That’s not how it works…it’s not like somebody walks over.”

    That’s when Doocy got a bit louder and said, “That’s exactly what is happening.”

    Of course, we shouldn’t get too upset with Jean-Pierre. It’s not like she’s been down to the border to see why it’s being called a crisis. Why should we expect her to visit when no one else in the administration is bothering to make the visit, either? Perhaps if more saw that there are literally hundreds of unvaccinated immigrants walking right into the country every day, the White House would change its stance.

    It’s simple. Have the same standard for everyone. Either lift the vaccine mandate for incoming travelers or require that all illegal immigrants be vaccinated before they can enter.

    All Doocy wants to know is why there’s a double standard.

    Jean-Pierre paused to give Doocy the stink eye. Then, she started reading from her trusty binder to say “Let me just lay out what we have done under this administration.” She goes on to list the border security technology that has been installed, the protocols with Mexico and Guatemala, and the funding that has been secured for the Department of Homeland Security.

    All that is well and great, but she absolutely refuses to answer the original question. Why is there a double standard regarding allowing illegal immigrants to enter the U.S. unvaccinated but others cannot?

    And all that Jean-Pierre is saying about what the administration has done is not enough. There are still thousands who walk (yes, walk) across the border every day.

    If Jean-Pierre is going to ignore the questions being asked and simply read what she wants to read from her binder, do we even need a press secretary? She could spare us all a lot of eye rolls and stuttering by simply publishing the contents of her binder. We won’t get the answers we want, but we’re not getting those anyway.


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