Proof! Democratic Election Fraudster Destroyed Election Fraud Evidence


    Ron works with CodeMonkey and he fired off the most amazing tweet recently. He apparently bore witness to some of the widespread voter fraud that we have been talking about over the past few weeks. The Georgia state officials were on the scene did not have a chance to conceal their actions because they did not know that these people were there at the time.

    It’s amazing to watch what happens when you don’t give them the chance to destroy the evidence beforehand. Why didn’t they know the group was there? The answer is funnier than you might think. Twitter had actually taken the steps to stifle the information, silencing the hashtag that was associated with the Dominion watchdog groups.

    Isn’t that a cruel slice of irony for the liberals? “Twitter did a great job censoring the Dominion Watch hashtag. Georgia elected officials had no idea we were on the ground filming them destroying evidence,” read the tweet from Ron. He’s definitely having some fun with this one and we cannot say that we blame him one bit.

    These people got way too smug about their ability to silence the opposition and now they are going to pay for it dearly. If Ron’s name seems familiar to you, that’s because this isn’t the first time that he has been in the news for matters like these. He’s been offering up his reviews of the Dominion voting machines for some time now.

    He obtained a Dominion user guide and offered up his observations. The man was very honest about the weaknesses of these machines but did people want to listen? Of course not. “After reviewing the Dominion Voting System user manual, it seems the local IT guy who services the machines is theoretically the ultimate political gatekeeper. He has absolute power to decide elections,” said Ron.

    This should terrify anyone who has even a modicum of civic engagement. The Democrats and all of the corrupt politicians who are in cahoots right now should be ashamed of themselves. That’s a joke, though. We all know that the members of the Democratic party are incapable of feeling any form of shame.

    The only problem here is that they are not limiting the messes that they make to themselves anymore. Instead, the rest of us are forced to pick up the pieces and it’s becoming too much to deal with. If the Democrats were smart, they would be bracing for the storm that is about to come their way. How many times are people supposed to see blatant evidence of cheating like this and then look the other way?

    We are not sure but the Democrats seem bound and determined to find out. After years of being told about all of the supposed Russian interference, the leftists are allowing blatant American interference to go unchecked. Once conservative voters get tired of being told that their voters do not matter, that’s when you are going to see a major shift in the overall mentality.

    People are going to need to step up and no, this is not an attempt at inciting violence. The past four years have taught us one major lesson. If you are whiny enough and you never let certain things go, eventually someone will come along to give you exactly what you want. The liberal voters are not ready for what is going to take place once conservative voters start to flip their own tactics against them.

    Let’s see how much they like the incessant “not my president” talk or how much they like all of the fake controversies that are about to be drummed up. All of this is merely a prelude to the day when investigations begin in earnest and this election is eventually overturned. The liberal tears that will flow that day are going to flood the streets but this is the bed that they have made for themselves.


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