Rand Paul Demands Fairness As Department of Justice Continues Their Pointless Investigation Into Donald Trump


    The Department of Justice certainly has a lot of explaining to do after they decided to invade the private home of former President Donald Trump. Dozens of federal agents arrived at his home. They started going through his personal belongings, looking for documents that supposedly were never turned over to the National Archive after he left office.

    The Democrats have come to believe their propaganda that Donald Trump is a national threat to democracy. They have branded him as a terrorist who needs to be put behind bars. They also believe that anyone that voted for the man or agreed with his Republican values is somehow in league with him and his actions.

    The nasty liberals needed a way to justify the invasion of Trump’s home. They knew they did not have a good enough reason to show up and start poking around, looking for anything they could use to incriminate the man. The only way they could avoid the appearance of being paranoid was by hiding the raid under a fake narrative and using a decades-old law.

    The Democrats found that they could use the Espionage Act from World War I to invade Donald Trump’s home. They believed that the former president had violated the Act and committed crimes by not handing over certain pieces of paper related to national security.

    Senator Rand Paul took notice and was appalled at how the liberals were using the Act to justify their witch hunt. He now demands that the Act be repealed, so no one else is subjected to an illegal search.

    The Espionage Act was passed during World War I to put people in jail that were considered dissenters. Rand Paul believes that the Act was a way for people to justify the abuse of others during a national crisis. People that left their posts and left the war were seen as criminals and put in jail for their crimes.

    Newsbreak reported that the Democrats used the law to invade Trump’s home. They reported that “A key facet of the act — Section 793 — is concerned with ‘gathering, transmitting or losing defense information,’ which relates to any document relating to national defense that ‘through gross negligence’ was ‘illegally removed from its proper place of custody … to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed.’”

    The left finally had what they needed to invade Trump’s home, hoping to find any documents related to national security. They wanted to find anything they could use to prove that the former president was an enemy of the country and justify putting him in prison. Their politically motivated actions have allowed the country to witness how paranoid they have become.

    Newsbreak reported that “Earlier this week, federal investigators took away numerous boxes of documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida. According to an unsealed search warrant and an accompanying property receipt, the FBI seized 11 classified documents, including some marked top secret.”

    The Democrats believe they finally have what they need to put the man in prison. They need to get a judge to agree with them so they can destroy their political nemesis once and for all. Violation of the Act has a penalty of 10 years in prison.

    Rand Paul has every right to demand an explanation and repeal of the Espionage Act. The left found a way to justify their invasion of the private home of a former president. Since he left office, no other president in history has ever been treated as badly as Donald Trump.

    Rand Paul is up for reelection in the fall. His opponent is Charles Booker. He believes that Rand Paul is a traitor to the country for simply wanting the Act to be repealed.

    The Democrats are doing their best to try and turn America into a country where people with conservative values are seen as traitors. They must destroy the First Amendment so people cannot voice their opinions or ideas. Rand Paul is simply looking to defend freedom, and he should not be viewed as a traitor for expressing his displeasure with how a Republican president has been treated after leaving office.


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