Resist! This is Betsy DeVos’ Advice to the Department of Education


    There’s not much hope left with the remainder of positions yet to be named by Joe Biden for his cabinet. We don’t yet know who the Secretary of Education will be, but let’s face it – it’s likely going to be someone who has no business filling the position.

    Betsy DeVos, the current head of the Department of Education doesn’t care who it is. She has one piece of advice to the employees throughout the department: “Resist.”

    Education shouldn’t be political.

    However, everything that Biden and Harris do have a political undertone. It’s why there’s controversy in nearly every pick thus far for his cabinet. Many have absolutely no experience in the area that they’re suddenly going to be leading. They were chosen because they check a box or because there’s a political move waiting to be played.

    DeVos is urging that the employees focus on putting students first and ensuring that everything done is in the best interest of the students.

    The Department of Education is about the learning experience for the children. The problem is that many Democrats often focus on the adults in the education system, mainly the teachers. It’s about the education system and what needs to be taught.

    It shouldn’t be about curriculum or teacher salaries, at least not the priority. It should be about meeting the needs of students. DeVos has helped to adjust the conversation to focus on students – including the disadvantaged students.

    Biden has been very vocal about his stance on education from the very beginning – and much of that comes because of Dr. Jill Biden, his wife, who is an educator.

    The problem, though, can be seen within the first line on his website: “As president, Joe Biden will provide educators the support and respect they need and deserve…”

    The focus is on the educators, not on the children.

    He goes on to say that the goal is to make an investment into children from birth regardless of their zip code or income or disability or race. That should be a given. It shouldn’t matter where a child lives or how much their parents make – educate them.

    Shouldn’t we focus on the children? Why is it that the educators get the primary focus? Yes, they need to be paid more, but where is the promise that with higher salaries come better learning opportunities?

    The cry for resistance from Betsy DeVos is an important one. The children need to be prioritized regardless of any decision that is made. Even those that impact teachers and other adults in the education system have to involve consideration for the children.

    Many of the people Biden is considering for the role of Secretary are those from teacher unions.

    Guess what? The focus will be on better pay for teachers and providing countless benefits to the educators. That’s not to say that those things aren’t important – but reaching out to the many communities to ensure that children are getting a quality education is even more important.

    Let’s also make sure that there isn’t any brainwashing from the liberals going on, too. Children need to learn about history and receive real lessons in civics. The Civil War happened, slavery occurred, and Donald Trump was our president for four years.

    Too many progressives want to rewrite history – and it must be preserved in the way it happened to ensure that we learn from history instead of being forced to repeat it out of ignorance.

    There are countless positions within the Department of Education that play a vital role in the way in which education is shaped. There are offices for elementary and secondary education, civil rights, rehabilitative services, educational technology, and more. They must all work together to focus on the children.

    Resist may be the best piece of advice that DeVos can offer at this point, especially if Biden’s cabinet pick is yet another dud.


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