The Mormon Church Is Guilty of Horrendous Sexual Abuse…Possibly Worse Than the Catholic Church


    Bishop John Herrod of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormon church, was counseling a fellow church member over his pornography addiction when the man dropped a bomb in the Bishop’s lap by admitting to sexually abusing his 5-year-old daughter, MJ. 

    Herrod, also an Arizona Mormon community family physician, followed church protocol by calling an established “helpline” that put him directly in contact with church lawyers. 

    The lawyers encouraged Herrod to keep the police and child welfare officials out of the picture. They told him in no uncertain terms, “You absolutely can do nothing,” so Herrod kept his mouth shut.

    During the following year as Herrod continued to counsel the pedophile, Paul Douglas Adams, he had Adams bring his wife, Leizza Adams, to several of their counseling sessions. The hope was that she might persuade her husband to stop abusing their daughter, but her subservient wifely role wouldn’t allow her to do that.

    Herrod confided with another bishop concerning Adams’s sexual abuse who also called the attornies and was told to keep his trap shut. The legal team said the bishops were exempt from having to report the incident. They were protected under Arizona’s clergy-penitent privilege.

    As a result of the clergy’s inaction, Adams continued to sexually abuse MJ and her infant sister, who was born later, for another seven years until he was arrested by Homeland Security.

    Adams added to his perv-pleasure by recording his sexual abuse and posting the videos online to some obscure websites. One such video was discovered by police in New Zealand who immediately contacted U.S. authorities. Rather than face the consequences of his actions, Adams killed himself while awaiting trial, and promptly relocated to hell. 

    Was Adam’s case unusual within the Mormon church? Not in the least. Investigative journalists from The AP got their hands on over 12,000 sealed documents concerning a lawsuit aimed at the West Virginia Mormon church. The documents also reference the “helpline” being called.

    The families of the survivors who filed the lawsuit in WV said that the Mormon church misuses the system by reinterpreting laws to keep church leaders from spilling the beans to law enforcement. The attornies bury the problems which in turn leaves the victims of sexual abuse in danger. 

    Now 16 and out of harm’s way, MJ has total disdain for the Mormon church. “I just think that the Mormon church really sucks. Seriously sucks. They are just the worst type of people, from what I’ve experienced and what other people have also experienced,” she said.

    Because the videos MJ’s father posted online are still running the circuit on the deep dark web, both she and her adoptive mother have requested that only her initials be used.

    The attorney representing the two bishops who held the secret, William Maledon, made an outlandish throat-gagging statement by saying, “These bishops did nothing wrong. They didn’t violate the law, and therefore they can’t be held liable.” He called the lawsuit a “money grab.”

    Maledon also said that there was no way Herrod could have known that the abuse continued for another seven years, even though Herrod continued to counsel Adams during all of those years.

    Bishop Herrod stupidly claimed, “At least for a period of time I assumed they had stopped things, but – and then I never asked if they picked it up again.” He was referring to Leizza Adams also since she was well aware of the illicit activities of her husband and chose to cover it up. 

    Herrod never brought the matter up to Adamas again only because he knew he was better off not knowing. Out of sight, out of mind. Sorry ‘bout your luck, MJ.

    So there you have it. It’s the Mormons versus the Catholics in a race to see which can destroy the lives of the greatest number of innocent children throughout the course of history. Suffice it to say they’re running neck in neck. 

    Is there any wonder why more and more people every day are shying away from the constraints and hypocrisy of organized religion after so many little lambs have been led to the slaughter? Satan works in mysterious ways. 


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