This Is Horrifying! Watch Gov Whitmer Brainwash Children About Lockdowns


    Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (Democrat) recently had a discussion with Santa Claus that turned into total insanity. Kids were given a lecture about how the elves at the North Pole are actually wearing their masks!

    Fancy that. The kids were given yet another message about the importance of following the rules and staying safe.

    Of course, the children wanted to know if Santa Claus was still wearing his mask. They were also concerned about whether the virus was running rampant at the North Pole. Santa Claus proceeded to tell the kids about the masks at his workshop and he claimed that all his elves are testing negative.

    “We’re not going to take any chances. We’re all going to mask up. We’re all going to wash out hands and we’re all going to stay six feet apart,” he said.

    It’s pretty funny to think about her lining up this homily from Santa while she is pushing for a statewide mask mandate.

    “There is no question COVID-19 has created a lot of hardships in 2020. And it’s not my fault, it’s not the legislature’s fault. The legislature needs to pass legislation to protect public health, including a mandate that we wear masks until the majority of us have had this vaccine.

    I know that there is bipartisan support for that action. I’d love to see the legislature take action. These are crucial things we can do to protect our people and our businesses here in Michigan,” she said.

    This is as predictable as it gets. All of the cowardly governors who could not successfully force masks and lockdowns onto people before are going to try again now.

    Biden being elected has emboldened them, big time. Whitmer’s speech is so ridiculous, we could hardly believe our eyes. This woman is brainwashing the youth of America into believing her nonsense and there is nothing we can do about it. Now that Sleepy Joe is about to regain power, she’s going to feel as if she could do anything she wants.

    Whitmer and like-minded governors have been operating under this mentality all year long. They are fine with all of these rules because they are not going to bother to adhere to them anyway. How can you even reason with someone who is willing to trot out Santa Claus to tell the children all about the necessity of mask-wearing?

    This is the same woman who tried to keep people from traveling to their own lake houses, just so she could go to hers. People would probably be a lot more willing to go along with what is being said right now if they knew that their leaders were actually in the struggle with them.

    They already know that this is not the case, hence the skepticism.

    We have all seen the same routine over and over again. The Democratic governor comes out and offers platitudes about how we all need to stick together.

    From there, everyone is told to stay inside and wear masks if they decide to go out. This is all well and good until the governor in question inevitably ends up exposing their own hypocrisy.

    At least there is a vaccine on the horizon. Once the holidays have passed, it will be harder and harder for leaders to start firing off these terrible opinions.

    We are sure that couples will be told to stay out of restaurants on Valentine’s Day but that shouldn’t be a big deal. Most of the casual dining spots are sure to be shut down.

    Hopefully, by the time Easter rolls around, a larger portion of the nation is vaccinated. This will allow us to resume our normal holiday schedules, without worrying about running afoul of Democratic governors like Whitmer.

    Let’s all write to our socially distanced Santa Claus and tell him that we would like some normalcy for Christmas next year. It’s not a big ask!


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