This Is What the Lincoln Project Thought of Biden Until He Ran for Office. “He’s an Overbearing Jerk.”


    Akin to an organ grinders monkey, some people will stick their hand out to whoever’s putting money in it. This especially holds true for anyone involved in the political realm in any capacity. The media gains revenue by slanting the news to better appease their base. Give people what they want to hear and they’ll come back for more.

    Although this analogy applies to both sides of the playing field, red and blue, liberals easily win the platinum medal. This holds true to form for one of the most outlandish, vile, lie-ridden, propaganda spewing, liberal organizations to ever infest the planet, the notorious Lincoln Project. KellyAnn Conway’s little doughboy of a husband George helped kick start the group.

    But Curious George isn’t who we’re looking at. In January 2021, after serving as Senior Advisor for Veteran Affairs during the 2020 campaign, Fred Wellman signed on as the Lincoln Project’s executive director. He bounded on the scene with great gusto by praising Biden for at long last bringing “decency back to the White House.”

    Here’s where the monkey part comes in. In October 2012, after watching the vice presidential debate, Wellman tweeted, “My very non-partisan wife just decided she doesn’t want that overbearing jerk, Biden, a heartbeat away from the Presidency anymore. He makes me sick to my stomach. I hope he’s relegated to history soon.”

    But Wellman didn’t stop there. The boy was on fire. “I don’t like Joe Biden cause I’ve met him and he is full of crap.” He went as far as calling Biden” a sputtering lunatic.” On election day he farted out this tweet, “no matter what happens today the idea of a Joe Biden presidential run makes me smile and SNL writers dizzy w/ anticipation.”

    It would be unfair to leave Lincoln Project cofounder Rick Wilson out of the story. A man who has self-dubbed himself as a “digital assassin.” A few years ago he wasn’t real fond of grandpa Joe either when he called him a “total dick with ginormous fake choppers,” and “America’s Clown Prince.” Wilson has also made numerous comments regarding Biden’s “brain-tongue disconnect,” his “descent into madness,” and “lunatic japery.”

    When the “New York Times” published an article about the Lincoln Project’s phony facade, Wilson claimed the Trump organization had pulled off a plot to discredit them. Nothing in the article was true. Now bear in mind, this is the same failing New York Times that Donald Trump continually rails against so use that grain of salt.

    Wellman claims to have “volunteered” for his new position but he really just needed a job. He seized an opportunity when the organization’s previous executive director, John Weaver, fell under the spotlight for dozens of sex allegations, Wellman knew the position would soon be ripe for the picking. He got to them before they began collecting resumes.

    In an appearance on Lincoln Project TV, Wellman humbly stated, “I’ve really been fortunate. I actually texted Reed [Galen] and the board members the night before the inauguration and said, ‘Hey, I heard you’re looking for an executive director.’”

    When the New York Times broke the story of the numerous allegations against Weaver, conservative mainstream media had a heyday with the story. Under immense pressure, Weaver tucked his tail and scurried away, head hung in disgrace. The following morning, Wellman came waltzing through the door.

    Here’s the problem with this. Because the liberal news media sweeps stories of this nature under their puke-green carpets, liberals who refuse to read conservative news are only aware of what they are being spoon-fed. As a result, the Lincoln Project still has well over one million blind and faithful followers who are being duped.

    It’s similar to a Nigerian scam where you convince some poor soul that you’re somebody you aren’t so you can sell them a worthless bill of goods. The Lincoln Projects receives boatloads of donations from their braindead followers, politicians, and other organizations. And those clicks on their website? Yeah. They get paid for those too.

    For an organization full of people who in actuality detest Joe Biden as much as the rest of us, they’re doing pretty well by him.


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