Tucker Carlson Warns of Path AOC Might Take to Oval Office in Four Years


    FOX News’ Tucker Carlson warned in a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight how conservatives’ political nemesis could rise to the highest office in the land if American’s aren’t vigilant.

    On Friday’s edition of his show, Carlson outlined a meteoric rise to power that progressive Democrat-socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat from New York, could possibly find a way to achieve and make her way into the White House in the uncomfortably near future.

    According to Carlson’s analysis, if Democrats take control of the Senate by winning both of the Georgia runoff elections and making it a 50/50 tie in the Senate, that would give the vice president the tie-breaking votes every time something was split down party lines. The economic recovery of America would take a huge hit following both COVID lockdowns and a potential for vastly increased taxes under a potential Biden/Harris administration.

    That would, as it so often has in the history of the modern world, cause a money-printing frenzy, inflation, and tax breaks to those most likely to be impacted by tax hikes, aka, the wealthy.

    Carlson explained:

    “Inflation may crush you, but it will make the people making the decisions richer. Everyone else — regular wage earners, people living on fixed income, every middle-class retiree in the country, anyone who bothered to live like a responsible person and save money — will be in serious trouble when inflation arrives. That’s not speculation. It’s coming, and anyone who’s paying attention knows it’s coming.

    “If Democrats retake the Senate in January, they’ve committed to passing something called the HEROES Act. Just who are these heroes they plan to help? Not the thousands of small business owners whose lives they destroyed. No, this legislation will help rich people in the Northeast who were hurt by the Trump administration’s last tax cuts. The HEROES Act would restore the full state and local tax deduction, reversing the 2017 law that capped it at $10,000. According to the Brookings Institution, 96% of the benefits from this would go to the top quintile of earners, 57% would benefit the top 1%, and 25% would benefit the top 0.1%. In other words, it would benefit Democratic voters.”

    That toxic environment would likely allow Democrats to successfully push for massive student loan debt forgiveness, given they would control both houses of Congress and the White House.

    Should Democrats control all three, according to Carlson, that “would disproportionately help the most privileged in America, i.e., Democratic voters.” Such an economic environment would pile real, tangible, riches on the upper class, and only theoretically allow less pressure on the middle class while hamstringing their real way to economic stability: small business and capitalism.

    While the left claims to have no problem with capitalism, they do claim to have big problems with the results of capitalism: the empowerment and betterment of the middle class. To solve that problem, the Democratic party continues to attempt to make big business, the ones who put money into lobbying efforts, the villain in the capitalist story, making it seem like a drain on society and emboldening those who support the socialist agenda.

    “They are giving capitalism a bad name because what they’re participating in is not a free, open market economy. It’s a closed game, run for their benefit and their benefit alone. Long-term, this is a disaster for all of us and not even so far in the future,” Carlson said.

    A road map that seemingly attainable, and close to where Americans sit today, is, according to Carlson, the kind of “volatile society” that would pave the way for a lawmaker, such as Ocasio-Cortez (who Carlson calls “Sandy Cortez”), to seize power.

    “In four years, for example, Sandy Cortez will be eligible to run for president. Now, you may laugh at Sandy Cortez, and you should. She’s a vacuous idiot, another rich-girl narcissist with an overheated Twitter account,” Carlson said.

    “But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t win. If we keep up with this economic craziness, she absolutely could.”


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