Ukrainian Refugees Are Okay…Afghans Can Stay the Hell Out…Is Our President Racist?


    Joe Biden stutters out of both sides of his mouth. The pretend President spent his weekend in Poland mingling with Ukrainian refugees where he lavished them with praise for their courage and fortitude. He said they’re “an amazing group of people” and by all accounts he’s correct. Biden’s name was splashed all over liberal media for his compassion and empathy towards Ukraine’s battered citizens and the hardships they’ve been forced to face.

    But here’s the thing. Biden has never once met with a single Afghan refugee. The ones who he forced to have to leave their country due to his bungled and poorly planned evacuation.

    Neither country has suffered any less than the other but flying to Poland was a better and far safer publicity stunt that got Biden more bang for the buck. The Western world can see itself in the eyes of Ukraine’s refugees much clearer than it could the dark-eyed Afghan Muslims who pray to their false god, Allah.

    They were like scurrying ants trying to get out alive versus the real honest-to-goodness people of Ukraine who in Joe Biden’s world are much more deserving of staying alive.

    Over 250,000 Afghans risked their lives, and those of their families, by working for the U.S. military during 20 years of fighting on their home turf. They were loyal to the U.S. which didn’t help them at all when Biden left them behind to be flushed out and executed by the Taliban.

    This is not to imply that the U.S. shouldn’t come to the aid of Ukrainian citizens escaping Putin’s Armageddon-style scorched-earth war. We absolutely should.

    But there’s an obvious double standard that gives Biden the appearance of being an anti-Muslim racist who won’t hesitate to stab one in the back, U.S. loyalist or not. They were falling off the wings of aircraft as suicide bombers were trying to stop them.

    The difference in treatment really came to light when Biden announced that 100,000 visas were being issued to Ukrainian refugees to begin their new lives in the United States. Special Immigrant Visa applications were filled out by Afghan refugees that would allow them to remain in the U.S. for 18 months only. 

    Of the 81,000 applications received by U.S. officials in Kabul and later seized by the Taliban, 78,000 of them had never even been processed, meaning the applicants were left behind to face their fates.  

    When interviewed by ABC News about the chaotic Afghanistan departure, Biden shrugged his shoulders. “The idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing … I don’t know how that happens.” Truer words have never been spoken.

    As long as we’re slamming where slamming’s due, let’s include Biden’s phony stance on women’s rights. Afghan girls over the age of 12 are no longer allowed to attend school due to a new law imposed by the Taliban. Sixth grade is as far as they can go.

    The Taliban says it’s because they have not as yet been able to design a Sharia-compliant school uniform for girls. When Biden’s diaper change was interrupted with this news, he unconcernedly said, “That’s a bunch of malarky,” before complaining that the elastic was still too tight.

    So now we know where Biden stands on both human rights and women’s rights, and he isn’t standing at all. Unless of course, you’re Ukrainian, ‘cause that’s different.


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