What Texas Dems Are Really So Worked Up About…


    If the political left is to be believed, Texas is about to bring back Jim Crow era voting laws, complete with limitations to voters, literacy tests, and proof of land ownership.

    However, the truth is far from those claims.

    As you well know, Texas, like many other states, has recently moved to propose election integrity laws that would work to make cheating and voter fraud less likely to happen, as well as give voters more opportunities to vote at the polls.

    House Bill 3, for instance, would make it a requirement to apply for a mail-in ballot before they receive one in their mailbox. It would also require that when such applications are filled out, it must be an actual “ink on paper” signature and not an electronic or photocopied one. A photo ID must also be provided to obtain a mail-in ballot.

    Similarly, Senate Bill 1 would make voting from your vehicle illegal unless you have a valid reason to do so. It would also ask the state to review their voter rolls on a monthly basis so that noncitizens and deceased or recently moved individuals can be culled from the list.

    In addition, both bills ask for at least one hour of extra early voting time at the polls while at the same time banning 24-hour voting.

    See no literacy testing, no land ownership requirements. Instead, citizens are simply expected to show proof of ID and citizenship to legally vote, which shouldn’t be too much to ask for any legal adult American.

    And yet, state Democrats have a significant problem with the bills.

    So much so in fact that when it was time to bring the bills to the floor for a vote, they all walked out…

    Yep, like a toddler throwing a fit or an unruly teenager who didn’t get their way, they stormed out en masse. And yet, that’s not even the worst of it.

    After leaving the state’s capital, they all proceeded to board an airplane for Washington, D.C., no doubt to rally support for their un-American cause.

    In fact, one fleeing Democrat even said as much…

    As Democratic state Representative John Bucy III told CNN, “We are coming to (Washington) to put pressure on (Republicans) to act because this isn’t just Texas. All over the South and in Republican states, we are seeing voter suppression bills. We need Congress to pass the For the People Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act.”

    And, of course, as part of the liberal propaganda wing, CNN was all too eager to agree and add their own two cents on the matter.

    They reported that these lawmakers “left their posts and the Lone Star state itself and took flight to Washington on Monday on an extraordinary mission to halt Republican restrictive voting bills built on former President Donald Trump’s fraud lies.”

    I’m sorry, but allegations about voter fraud are much more than just that at this point. In state after state, county after county, reports of election fraud have come in, been investigated, and found to be accurate.

    Take one woman from Maricopa County, Arizona, for example. She was just indicted on charges of voter fraud because it was proved that she cast a ballot not only for herself but also for her dead mother in the 2020 general election.

    That’s not an allegation or something built on lies. It’s a fact, investigated and proven. Voter fraud happened, plain and simple. And since it did, measures need to be put in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again or make it more challenging to accomplish at the very least.

    That’s all these voter “suppression” bills do. They don’t limit votes from blacks, women, or Hispanics. They don’t even limit voting by mail or absentee ballot. Instead, they just make sure that when these methods are used, they are done so with the utmost integrity – that the person filling out the ballot is the one who applied for it and is the same person mailing it in.

    If Democrats actually cared about our country and not just pushing party agenda points forward, they’d see these measures are more than reasonable and needed if we are to return the people’s trust to our voting system.

    As of right now, it’s severely lacking. And that clearly needs to change if the American people are to ever trust in our government again.


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