While Eyes Are Focused on Ukraine, U.S. Troops in Korea Go on High Alert As Kim Jong-un Vies for His Share of Attention


    While the eyes of the world are staring at Ukraine there’s trouble brewing 4,480 miles away in a little place called N. Korea where Kim Jong-un, aka Rocketman, has been playing with his new arsenal of missiles.

    On queue, Kim’s entourage in their ridiculously oversized hats will faithfully squeal and holler at their leader’s first gleeful chuckle over a successful launch. But it’s been noted that the more Kim grows up, the more sophisticated his playthings are becoming so this might be a good time to be concerned. 

    In response to N. Korea’s ever-increasing launches, U.S. troops stationed in S. Korea are on high alert. They’re receiving updated training and refresher classes on the Patriot missile system which is designed to detect and destroy airborne missiles before they land with a boom.

    The anti-missile systems have been relocated to an undisclosed location should N. Korea get antsy and attempt to strike their neighbor to the South, and/or the location of where the Patriot systems had been previously kept.

    U.S. Forces Korean Command issued the following statement. “Following the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recent increase of missile launch frequency in 2022 and the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s enhanced ballistic missile defense directive, the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade stationed in the Republic of Korea – increased the intensity of their certification exercise recently to demonstrate USFK’s capabilities and commitment to defend the ROK against any threat or adversary.”

    Powerful words but is N. Korea’s self-imposed chubby leader even paying attention. He knows the U.S. doesn’t want to stretch itself too thin and it’s already sent roughly 5,000 troops to Poland so the sky is his playground for now.

    The Patriot unit has taken a “wartime defensive position” in keeping with the requirements of the armistice and wartime agreement established by the Republic of Korea-U.S. Alliance.

    U.S. Forces Korea further stated, “While this type of training is routinely conducted by U.S. Patriot batteries across the ROK, [sic] it’s increased intensity of its certification underscores the seriousness USFK takes against the DPRK’s recent missile launch behavior.”

    The Air Force’s Abraham Lincoln Strike Group has mobilized its fighter jets along with other types of warcraft based elsewhere in the region. They’re loaded up and ready to respond within a minute’s notice. 

    Between Feb. 26 and Mar. 4, full-blown missile launches were reported by officials in Pyongyang. The Pentagon confirmed that N. Korea’s launches had only been experimental, though they also said this is probably the final stage leading up to Kim Jong-un ordering a full-scale ICBM launch. 

    It’s already known that N. Korea relit their nuclear oven the second Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office. There’s already talk of a nuclear fight in Ukraine now that Russia has seized Chernobyl so Kim Jong-un has little motivation to keep him from surging forward.

    Just so you know, N. Korea’s Hwasong-17 ICBM that they paraded down the street in 2020 was built for the purpose of carrying nuclear arms to faraway lands like the U.S. that it’s fully capable of reaching.

    As was previously suggested, this might be a good time to be concerned.


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