Wyoming to Oust Liz Cheney


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    In the world of politics, there is a fine that is far too often crossed. It is the one between being bipartisan and completely ignoring the voices of those you were meant to represent.

    As you well know, bipartisanship should be and usually is encouraged for the most part. While we expect at least some measure of loyalty to one party or another, most Americans understand that some laws, policies, or national and state issues are not squarely found on one side of the fence or the other. And sometimes, a compromise of sorts is needed.

    It is also understood that what the people want and is need is really all that matters. And should that fall against party agenda lines or goals, so be it. After all, as any state or congressional senator or representative should be able to tell you, they were elected to those seats to be a voice and nothing more.

    However, it’s becoming more and more common, at least in certain circles, for members of this elected group to stop caring so much about what the people back home want and need. Instead, they start to let the swampy atmosphere of Washington D.C, complete with its ever-leftward moving rhetoric, dictate who and what they are for.

    Oh, they might say it’s all in the name of being bipartisan, you know, not so stuck that they can’t see the reason behind the other side’s argument. But in reality, it’s usually all about where those moves across the aisle will take their career, fame, or fortune.

    Take Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, for example.

    As the daughter of former senator and failed presidential candidate Dick Cheney, politics seems to be in her blood. But not necessarily the good parts.

    Sure, she’s helped push the GOP agenda forward on a number of occasions. After all, she is a registered Republican and claims to be conservative even. But it seems just as often, she’s chosen so-called bipartisanship over the voices of her constituents.

    One of the most noted examples of this comes from the last attempt by the Democratic Party to impeach former President Donald Trump. They failed, of course, but not before they convinced Cheney to vote with them against our then-commander in chief.

    Now, the problem here is not that she voted in favor of impeachment. Instead, it’s that she did so based on her own feelings and beliefs rather than that of the many voices back home in Wyoming – a state that over 70 percent of voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, according to Politico.

    And yet, as far as Cheney was concerned, none of that mattered. She voted for him to be ousted anyway.

    But now, her state is seeking to hold her accountable for ignoring them.

    On Saturday, the ruling Wyoming Republican Party voted to have Cheney removed. With a vote of 31-29, the state’s GOP acknowledged that she would no longer be considered a part of their party. Now to be clear, they can’t just kick her out of office. After all, she was voted in by those same constituents she ignored.

    However, what they can do is officially remove her from the GOP. With a vote of 31-29, the state’s GOP acknowledged that she would no longer be considered a part of their party.

    As the Casper Star-Tribune noted, reason number one was that of her illogical impeachment vote.

    “‘ Previously mentioned in the resolution of censure, Representative Liz Cheney’ cast her vote in favor of impeachment without any quantifiable evidence of High Crimes or Misdemeanors,’ the resolution stated.” And since then, the outlet pointed out that she has still not offered a shred of evidence that could support her vote.

    Of course, Cheney’s spokesman, Jeremy Adler, says this is all “laughable” and that she’s been nothing but “a committed conservative Republican.”

    But it seems the people of Wyoming think differently, or at least those of the state’s Republican Party. And come 2022, the rest of the state will be able to voice their approval or disapproval. Already she faces no less than four primary challengers for her seat.

    In the meantime, the resolution that is kicking her out of the party also recommends that Cheney be removed from any committee assignments and the process to have her officially banned from the GOP “expedited.”

    I guess it doesn’t pay to ignore those who put you in office…


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